Squirrels in your yard are cute to watch, but they eat just about anything.  A typical squirrel diet includes insects, small birds, nuts, berries, crops, tomatoes and even fungi like mushrooms.  The bad news is that squirrels can cause untold damage to your home and garden unless proper squirrel repellent techniques are employed to keep them away!

Squirrels will dig holes in your garden, remove and eat flowering plant bulbs, eat foliage and leaves off of your plants and shrubs…you get the picture.  None of us have the ability to stand in our garden all day to chase the squirrels away, so we have to take other methods to rid our yards of the pesky squirrels.

The easiest and simplest way to get rid of squirrels is to spread some commercial or homemade squirrel repellent around your yard.  Most people report good success with this method.  The repellent that seems to work best are those that have a urine or predator urine component in them.  The squirrels hate this smell for obvious reasons.

Mothballs are often used with some success to rid your yard of squirrels, too.  This is an old wives tail recipe, but some people report that it actually works to chase squirrels away!

As a last resort you can use live traps to catch squirrels.  Many brands of commercial small animal traps can be purchased or rented to use to catch squirrels.  Even your local animal control department may have them available for you to borrow.  Many people have had good success baiting these traps with peanut butter because squirrels love it!  Make certain to check with your state or local authorities as trapping squirrels in some jurisdictions is regulated and a permit may be required.

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