Squirrels keep a varied diet and squirrel repellent techniques vary. Squirrels do considerable damage to ripe fruit trees and keeping squirrels out of fruit trees is very hard.

One of the best ways to keeps squirrels out of your fruit trees is with a mechanical barrier. Wrapping sheet metal around the trunk of the tree is an effective way to chase squirrels away.

Buy some aluminum or other sheet metal in a two foot width. This can be purchased at a local hardware store. Wrap the sheet metal around the base of the tree about five feet from the ground. This is high enough to prevent the squirrel from leaping from the ground to a point on the tree above the metal.

When the squirrel climbs the tree he meets the sheet metal and cannot get any grip. The squirrel can try to climb the sheet metal, but his claws have nothing to grab onto and each step forward results in two steps back. The squirrel is repelled from your tree because he cannot climb past the sheet metal on the tree trunk.

Attach this sheet metal with springs so as not to damage the tree. Keep squirrels away and protect your beautiful tree, too.

Make sure to prune back your trees so that the squirrel cannot climb another tree and then jump into the tree you are protecting with the sheet metal. Repelling the squirrel is more effective if you place the sheet metal on every nearby tree.

Another method to repel squirrels is to hang mouth balls in the branches of the tree. Squirrels hate moth balls and this is an effective method to repel squirrels. Don’t forget that electronic squirrel repellentem> techniques are also another way to keep squirrels away.

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