Squirrels that invade your flower beds and vegetable gardens can become a real problem to deal with. Squirrels are high on the list of the most aggravating pests because they dig up and eat your flower bulbs, ruing your lawn, eat seeds and young plants and destroy the bark on your ornamental trees. Fortunately, you can repel and deter squirrels from eating your vegetation by planting a variety of plants in your garden that squirrels dislike.

Flowers that Repel Squirrels

Daffodils are poisonous to squirrels and they will avoid both the bulbs and the flowers. You can plant daffodils in shady areas so they typically do well under trees. If planted near the base of a tree the flower may repel squirrels from the area, thus limiting bark damage caused by squirrels.

Certain trees have bark that squirrels prefer to avoid. These trees are rarely damaged by squirrels: Maple, Cedar, Spruce or Oak.

Shrubbery typically avoided by squirrels includes Lilac, Boxwood, Holly and Viburnum.

Remember that a very hungry squirrel – or simply one that is quite persistent – may still cause some damage to these trees or shrubs. You may want to cover bulbs that you have just planted with chicken wire or some other physical device to keep squirrels away. If all else fails, please remember that there are a variety of squirrel repellent products as well as live traps that can be quite effective in repelling squirrels.

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