Most of us who have vegetable gardens have encountered problems from squirrels and other wild life eating the plants and causing damage to the gardens. Finding a squirrel repellent that works is tough to do. The squirrels may be feasting at your bird feeders or already have entered the attic of your home, too. You’ve probably tried homemade remedies to repel squirrels already.

Before you decide to take drastic squirrel eradication methods you should explore some of the non-lethal ways to repel squirrels. Here’s some of the items you will need to get squirrels out of your garden.

  • Nuts to entice the squirrels
  • Live traps to catch the squirrels
  • Corn on the cob
  • Peanut Butter
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Spray bottle
  • Castor oil
  • Watering can

Give the Squirrels Their Own Feeder

One of the easiest ways to keep squirrels from digging up your garden is to put corn and nuts into a separate feeder just for the squirrels. You might be surprised to see that they prefer this method of feeding over your vegetables.

Trap the Squirrels

You can use an assortment of live traps to catch the squirrels and move them to an area far from your home. Your local animal control department may provide these traps for free. Bait the trap with peanut butter, corn and nuts and check them each morning and evening. You should move any trapped animals five miles or more from your home.

Use Squirrel Repellents

There are any number of squirrel repellents available for use in your garden. Shop at our Amazon Store and get some great bargains on commercial squirrel repellent products.

Make Your Own Squirrel Repellent

Mix about 1/2 cup of castor oil into about 2 gallons of water. Use this mixture in a spray bottle or watering can and spread about your garden. Squirrels are naturally opposed to castor oil and like to stay away from it.

Cayenne Pepper as a Squirrel Repellent

Mix water with cayenne pepper and use in a spray bottle to spray your plants lightly. Use only one or two tablespoons of pepper for the standard sized spray bottle. You should also dampen the soil around the plants with this mixture to help repel squirrels.

Spray the vegetable plants with cayenne pepper. Fill a clean spray bottle with water. Mist the vegetable plants lightly with the water. Refill the

With a bit of thought and ingenuity you can learn squirrel repellent techniques to keep squirrels out of your vegetable garden!

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